June was a month filled with many different social experiences. We held weekly social thinking groups for those heading into 1st grade through high school. We also ran two different intense social camps for those in elementary and middle school. The more we can work on strategies to help us become stronger social thinkers, the better we will do when interacting with others.

By having children play together as well as work together to solve problems, we are helping them become more flexible thinkers. It can be tough to have to think about others’ feelings, not just our own. Just because we want to go first doesn’t mean we can all the time. If we have a theory on how to get out of an escape room, it doesn’t mean we should call out and tell others that their ideas are wrong.

By being part of our social thinkingĀ groups, camps and outings, children are learning important life skills to help them be more successful when engaging with others.

Please check out our pictures (here) and we look forward to having you join us in July for more fun social activities!