Since the pandemic, I have run social thinking groups over Zoom for those in 2nd grade through high school. I was and still am asked if I thought having social groups over Zoom would be helpful. When I first started, I had to admit that I wasn’t sure how things would go. But now that we have done it for the past year, I must tell you the online groups were awesome!

Social communication happens when we talk on the phone, text someone as well as speak to others in-person. By meeting over Zoom we were still able to work on key social thinking points such as thinking with your eyes, flexible thinking, expected vs. unexpected, whole body listening, interrupting, winning and losing  and a whole lot more!

Last weekend, I was able to meet in-person for the very first time many members of my elementary school aged as well as middle school aged group. Everyone was so happy to see each other even though they had only met online. It filled my heart to see how they went into their “friend files” that we worked on over the year to connect with each other!

This summer we are offering in-person groups again. But we still are having the zoom option available to those who live too far to make it weekly or who feel more comfortable still meeting virtually. 

Everyone has different comfort levels when it comes to in-person or remote therapy. If done in a fun and engaging way, social therapy can be effective remotely.