This week in our social groups we focused on how to change topics as well as stay on topic. Everyone has so much to say and often feel like they do not have enough time to say it. They will interrupt or cut someone off or even tell others that they have heard enough of what they were saying.In order to practice how to keep conversations going, we worked on finding connections that we could make on various topics. Such as if someone is talking about a movie that they saw, one can make a positive comment and then talk about a movie or show they saw. By adding a nice comment, you allow for some flexibility with a topic. You can not state something random, it must have some type of connection with what was being talked about before.

Being able to be a flexible thinker will help you be a flexible speaker. By using your eyes and whole body to listen to others, we are able to help them have good thoughts about us. By asking follow up questions on topics that appear to be of interest to them will make them feel good and hopefully do the same when you are speaking. 
From Pickles to Penguins is a fun game that focuses on making connections of some kind between two pictures. Practice topic maintenance and how to transition to a new topic at home. Try to stay focused on what others are saying.

Below are some links I used during our groups.


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