This time of year is beautiful in the ATL! We have many opportunities to get out and about.

Next Saturday we will be having our first ever Parkour social outing! I have watched many folks do this on Roblox, now is your time to do it for real!
Sign up today given that space is limited!

Next we are off to challenge our social thinkers to take on new heights!
What a great opportunity to fly high and support others as they defy gravity!


Have you ever wondered if YOU could find the wizard of OZ? Here is your chance to take part in a real life adventure! Come out and see if you can escape this interactive experience that is only coming this one day to the ATL!!


Just when you thought we would leave you “hanging,” we have one more Spring social outing for you at Tree Quest ATL! Climb, zip and have fun communicating with others at this awesome place located at Brook Run Park!!