One of my favorite singers is Natlaie Merchant. She has a song called “Jealousy.” So everytime I think of that word, I hear her song:) 
This week in our groups, we focused on having a better understanding of what the word jealous means. We got into what it may feel like, look like to others as well as sound like. We went over the two word phrase, “no fair” in order for everyone to “hear” how it sounds when they say it. We talked about how it “feels” to not believe that things are “even” when it comes to privileges as well as material items. There are many things that our groups felt that that they may be jealous of others about. They also had a list of things that others could be jealous of them for. 
I have put the list below for you to check out  and go over with your kids.
It can be hard for our not always flexible thinkers to “think” that others have it “better” than they do. At times this could actually be the truth. However, we have to help them process that there are many reasons that they may feel that way. The reasons can range from some financial, to some kids be overally indulged to medical reasons…
It is important to help your child to see “the big picture” and to try to be good listeners and thinkers when they are told by others that they may not get what they want. This will happen throughout their lives. Everyone is allowed to be a little jealous at times. We all have to step back, take a breath and really give thought to how big of a reaction do we want to have which will impact others thoughts and feelings about us. We do control others thoughts. So the more we can stay calm, keep our reactions small even when we have strong emotional responses to situations, the betters others will react to us.
I am looking forward to seeing those that can make it to our social outing this Sunday!
With good thoughts.