Author: Sharon

Summer 2022

June 1 – Summer Sessions Begin! This summer we continue to offer speech therapy services on a limited basis. We will also continue to run groups for children heading into third grade through high school and will be having social outings! Please contact us for more information. NEW! Adult Social Skills Groups Even adults can […]

The Art of Giving and Receiving

Last week in our social groups we focused on how one needs to be a good gift giver as well as a good receiver. We encouraged everyone to make others have good thoughts about us by showing our appreciation for others taking the time and using their resources to get us gifts.  Everyone seemed to enjoy […]

Wait! Is June over?

June was a month filled with many different social experiences. We held weekly social thinking groups for those heading into 1st grade through high school. We also ran two different intense social camps for those in elementary and middle school. The more we can work on strategies to help us become stronger social thinkers, the […]

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