Speech, Language & Social Thinking Opportunities: Summer 2022 Edition

Sharon Sokolik and Associates is excited to offer in person individual and group summer speech therapy options to learn, practice and improve all of your child’s communication skills! 

Individual Sessions:

These services are available on a limited basis this summer for those that would benefit from articulation, reading comprehension, language processing and overall language support.  Please contact your individual therapist for information. 

Social Thinking Groups begin in June: 

The groups will be for children and/or adults who have ADHD, ASD (level 1) and Anxiety. The groups will be limited to 6 participants. The cost is $50 and it is an hour-long session. We will be meeting in Sandy Springs at our office.


Mondays: Younger Elementary Aged Folks (ages 5-7) will meet at 4:00pm 


Tuesdays: Middle School Aged Folks will meet at 4:30pm


Wednesdays: Older Elementary Aged Folks will meet at 4:30pm


Thursdays: High School Aged Folks will meet at 4:30pm *I will be incorporating PEERS strategies and activities with Social Thinking ideology. We will also be doing a number of different weekend social outings also starting in June.


Thursdays: NEW! Adults will meet at 6:00pm.  The locations will vary from session to session.


Contact Sharon Sokolik at 678-463-6512, sharonsokolik@gmail.com or click here to go to our contact form.

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