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Skills for Social Success

"He is interrupting me every time I give directions or try to make a point.""He talks too long…" "She constantly touches her peers and doesn't seem to be aware of how it is bothering them." "His friends don't want to include him in their games." " Her volume is so loud!""Her teachers constantly seem to get annoyed at her because she overreacts to problems."

These are just some of the statements we hear from parents of children ages 4-14 who are having difficulties with social skills.

This school year we will continue to offer many different social thinking opportunities for children and teens. Each week, we will be running social thinking groups that help children learn about how their social behaviors impact the way others think and feel about them. We will also be offering monthly teen outings to provide assistance navigating those tough middle school years. Also this year, we will be having a high school group.

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If your children would benefit from becoming stronger social thinkers, you have found the right place! SLP Sharon Sokolik and School Psychologist Robyn Liebman have both the experience and passion to help students make social thinking advances.

Below is the schedule of social thinking group dates, along with outing dates offered this semester.

Exact locations of the groups will be announced based on the activity. We will meet at the JF+CS building (4549 Chamblee-Dunwoody Road in Dunwoody) on the weeks we do not have select destinations. The groups are open to children ages 5-11. They will be split up, based on ages and level of functions. Teen outings will be separated by gender for those ages 11-14. High school outings will be for those 15-17.

The cost will be $60 for the weekly groups. The teen and high school age outings will also be $60, but additional fees might be necessary, based on activity charges. Please download our Social Thinking Flyer for more information.

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PLEASE FILL OUT the SOCIAL THINKING GROUP INTAKE FORM so we can learn more about your child and place them correctly. Group times will be: Ages 5-8 3:00-4:40 Ages 9-12 5:00-6:40).

Cost: $100 per session

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How to be a Stronger Social Thinking Parent

Social concerns are never easy. We will do our best to help address areas of need to children. Please call us at 678-463-6512 or 678-467-5174 or email

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Fondly and with Good Thoughts,
Sharon Sokolik and Robyn Liebman